Greenway Lawncare can free up your time by mowing your lawn each week and giving it that "Professional Look". WE MOW YOUR LAWN AT THE PROPER HEIGHT TO PROMOTE GROWTH AND REDUCE STRESS. Most lawns average $35 per week which includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing clippings off all non turf areas including the house. 


Lawn Treatment

Tree Service

Need a tree taken down or limbed up. We have the company for you. Hardin Tree Service is small local company that is FULLY INSURED and BBB accredited.  Hardin has an excellent reputation in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles County areas.  We recommend Hardin Tree Service, because of the fair prices and top notch service. When the job is complete your lawn won’t be tore up nor will there be big mess left behind. If you would like a free estimate you can fill out the free estimate form or call 314-393-1535.

Plant Trim

All of our firewood is seasoned local hardwood from the St. Louis area.  Cuts include White Oak, Black Oak, Red Oak, Hickory and Walnut.  Our wood is sold in cords and increments of cords.

We install several different colors of died mulch. The two most common are Dark Brown and Coffee, or a dark mocha. All mulch is installed at about an inch in debt. Mulch has several benefits to your landscaping besides looking nice. Mulch helps protect plants by holding moisture and acts as a natural weed barrier. Mulch can be installed anytime of the year.  

Core Aeration

Having a thick green lawn is not only beautiful looking, it has several benefits to your property. Such as, less weeds, less bugs, and more value to your home. We offer 2 types of treatment plans 4 OR 7 STEP PLAN. To get the best results we use the proper amount of fertilizer per treatment.



Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. We extract 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter cores of soil and deposit them on your lawn. Aeration holes are typically 2-4 inches deep and 3-5 inches apart. Core aeration is a recommended lawn care practice on compacted, heavily used turf and to control thatch buildup. Aeration is also a good idea before overseeding or fertilizing.   Fall is the perfect time to aerate.

We provide plant trim services twice a year. Usually in the spring and in the late summer or fall whichever works best for you. All prices include full cleanup and disposal of trimmings.